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After spending the bye week practice, taking the lions share of first team reps as the Bucs starting flanker. It had looked like Arrelious Benn would receive his first NFL start, against the Bengals. Well it was premature to say the least, the speculation of Benn becoming a starter. For what ever reason, be it… Read More

It seems no matter where you surf on the web or what radio station you move the dial too the past few days. There have been reports that starting middle linebacker Barrett Ruud is frustrated with the teams’ decision to extend Donald Penn and not him. Ruud who dodged the media following Penn’s contract extension… Read More

Since 1937 there have been eighty-seven rookie quarterbacks start at least six games in their rookie season and in their second year, of their respective NFL careers. Based on completion percentage, touchdown passes and yards per attempt on average those three categories have improved from year one to year two an average of: Comp% 2.33%… Read More

While Iconic blocking icon Michael Clayton may be on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers roster. His name is clearly written in pencil on the depth chart. Based on his lack of production over the years and his contract, he’s got barely any tradability.  Clayton, 27, whom general manager Mark Dominik signed to a five-year $24 million… Read More

There have been plenty of fans the past year and a half, that have been debating the merits of Tampa Bay Buccaneers starting middle linebacker Barrett Ruud. Ruud, 28, has amassed more tackles over a three year span then any other linebacker in Buccaneer history with 552 from 2007-09. But such phrases as drag down… Read More

With the 2010 NFL Draft, just over two weeks away. Bucs Central has got some bizarre calculations for fans to ponder. Pat Kirwan a former Tampa Bay Buccaneers area scout and current NFL.com writer, and contributor to CBS Sports' NFL Today show, along with co-hosting on Sirius NFL Radio, back in the mid 2000's came… Read More

Back in 2008 Bucs Central broke down how effective each NFL teams was a getting pressure on opposing quarterbacks, well those stats are back! We once again broke down the numbers, armed with are geek squad excel workbook and stats readily available from Profootballfocus.com and NFL.com we added, subtracted and divided to see just how… Read More

The unraveling of the Bucs has been in the making long before the hoisting of the Lombardi Trophy, bad drafting, poor personnel decisions, inept coaching, horrendous on field execution and a total lack of conviction to a well thought out plan has the Bucs digressing to the very roots of there existence.  It didn’t happen… Read More

Typically many fans, pundits and analyst spend the season evaluating the downfield production of quarterbacks, by how many yards a ball is thrown past the line of scrimmage or how many yards per attempt a quarterback has as a sound measure of how effective a quarterback has done, but by putting it into perspective. A… Read More

Pundits, fans and even media type’s attribute the failures on offense: To the inabilities of the offensive lineman to adequately pass protect and run block effectively as the number one cause for an offense that was devoid of explosive capabilities and more often then not was ordinary at best throughout much of the 2009 season… Read More

The consolation prize for a horrid ‘09 campaign is the fact the Buccaneers are in the running to draft one of the most dominant defensive lineman to come out of the collegiate ranks in over a decade. The last time the Buccaneers drafted a defensive player at the top of the draft from the Big… Read More

Just how important will free agency and the draft be this off-season for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers? If there is no new CBA (collective bargaining agreement) reached it could take longer then some fans might expect, before the team becomes competitive again. If the Bucs have to solely rely on the draft to fill holes… Read More

The ugly truth of the matter is that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers defense is horrible in pressuring opposing quarterbacks, stopping the run, and third down percentage. Surrendering an eye popping 1,506 rushing yards, a gaudy 167.3 yards per game, a 4.9 yards per carry average, allowing teams to convert 42% on third downs 49/116. Then… Read More