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Bucs Receiver Playing Game Of Cat And Mouse

by Staff Report on November 13, 2009

There’s clearly something not clicking between receiver Antonio Bryant and the brain trust of the Buccaneers, if you hearken back to the comments Bryant made on 7 Nov 09, it would seem Bryant is still fuming over the lack of not being offered a long term contract. Simply stated Bryant has shut it down based […]

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Freeman’s Future Looks Bright

by Staff Report on November 10, 2009

Josh Freeman had a ton of critics when the Buccaneers moved up in the first round of the draft, to select the early entry junior from Kansas State. But after one regular season start in which he tossed three touchdowns to one interception and lead a fourth quarter come from behind win over the Green […]

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Bucs Iconic Legend Lee Roy Selmon Being Honored

by Staff Report on November 8, 2009

Lee Roy Selmon the most renowned player in the lures of Tampa Bay Buccaneer history and the only Buccaneer in the Hall of Fame will be honored at half time today of the Green Bay Packers game. Selmon the first ever draft pick of the franchise in 1976 and number one overall selection in the […]

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Glazer’s To Blame For Inept Showing In ’09

by Staff Report on November 5, 2009

Tampa Bay Buccaneers general manager Mark Dominik has been deliberately ambiguous in order to mislead fans, of the teams’ true intentions since being named the Bucs GM. It was widely discussed ad nauseam during the off-season that the team was reloading, rather then rebuilding. But with the Glazer’s raffish approach to spending with concerns over […]

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Players Losing Respect For Morris

by Staff Report on October 29, 2009

With reports surfacing that Buccaneers head coach Raheem Morris has started to loss the locker room, it doesn’t bode well for the rest of the season. A lot of it steams from the actions, or lack of actions by Morris. Players have begun to lose respect for the rookie head coach. It seems to steam […]

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Bucs Dominik Distancing Himself From Morris?

by Staff Report on October 19, 2009

With message boards, blogs and sport talk radio chatter growing in such a negative light towards the men responsible for the Bucs zer0-dash-six start. It would appear that general manager Mark Dominik is trying to distance himself from the debacle that is the 2009 season with an ever increasing disdain towards head coach Raheem Morris, […]

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Morris Saving Freeman To Save His Job?

by Staff Report on October 13, 2009

Is Raheem Morris coddling first round pick, Josh Freeman, sure, but for what reasons. Amidst swirling rumors that Freeman has not done everything in his power to get acclimated to the pro game and has gained weight – not in the film room studying the intricacies of the game inside and out. One might question […]

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Moral Victories not Enough for Morris

by Paul Mueller on October 8, 2009

Buccaneer head coach Raheem Morris held his routine press conference early this week discussing the good, the bad, the really bad, and the downright stupid. He dished out some praise, but reminded everyone the team is still winless, and he will not settle for little victories when it’s just another tally in the loss column. […]

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Meet Buccaneer Starting Quarterback, Josh Johnson

by Paul Mueller on October 2, 2009

Early this week, head coach Raheem Morris promoted second-year quarterback Josh Johnson to start in place of Byron Leftwich, now third on the depth chart. With all the offseason banter about quarterback competition and the first-round selection of Josh Freeman, Johnson has gone practically unnoticed. This Sunday, he cannot help being noticed. So, who is […]

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Fans Souring On Dominik & Morris

by Staff Report on September 30, 2009

With the latest blunder revolving around the uncertainty of the quarterback position some fans are becoming very weary of the supposed dynamic duo of rookie head coach Raheem Morris and first year general manager Mark Dominik. It’s plain to see, all of the blunders from hiring an offensive coordinator, only to fire him 10 days […]

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Opinion: Leftwich, Make Way for Freeman

by Paul Mueller on September 23, 2009

It’s ugly. There’s no argument and there’s no way around it. And since a tough schedule suggests it’s only going to get uglier, there’s only one way to absolve the catastrophe that is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers under center. You guessed it: Human sacrifice. It’s time for change. It’s time for the future of the franchise […]

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Breaking Down Leftwich’s Numbers

by Staff Report on September 21, 2009

The stats on for Byron “Slugo” Leftwich show eerie declines in completion percentage. In the first half of games, Leftwich has a 68% completion percentage, 279 yards and a QBR (Quarterback Rating) of 90.7 on 31 pass attempts. In the second half of games he begins to unravel, with a 50% completion percentage, 293-yards […]

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Bucs’ Joseph More Hype Then Substance

by Jim Johnson on September 20, 2009

Davin Joseph is arguably considered the Bucs best offensive lineman, presumably based on hype and the fact he made the Probowl last season as an alternate. But by scratching below the surface one comes to a much different conclusion. One that might startle some fans, so much so that it could be argued Joseph has […]

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Coddling Of Freeman A Detriment To Johnson

by Jim Johnson on September 16, 2009

The plan all along in Tampa was to have Josh Freeman sit and learn during his rookie season, then it seems Raheem Morris and Mark Dominik figured out that by keeping four quarterbacks on the active roster, that it would severely limit Freeman’s reps during practice throughout the season. Thusly, they traded veteran Luke McCown […]