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Grading The Bucs Offensive Line

by Staff Report on January 15, 2010

The popular perception among fans, media pundits and TV analyst  – and it’s one that I shared – is that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers offensive line at the beginning of the 2009 season was a strength of the team. However, they under preformed as a unit throughout the season, struggling mightily as the season wore […]

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Pass Blocking Sack Percentage

by Staff Report on November 10, 2009

While fiddling around using passing stats from the amount of pass attempts – amount of sacks allowed too come up with an easy, yet non-scientific way to gauge a team’s pass protection proficiency. Sure, It wont give a true indicator or competent gauge of whether a quarterback is holding onto the football to long nor […]

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Pressure Percentage

by Staff Report on November 6, 2009

Sacks are thrown around by fans as a way to measure a teams success rate of getting after opposing quarterbacks, but what many naive fans don’t factor in the equation is QB Hits and QB Pressures. Hitting a quarterback repeatedly or hurrying a quarterbacks decision making process can also lead positive gains by a  defense. […]

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Bucs’ Woeful Pass Defense

by Staff Report on October 31, 2009

Just how bad has the pass defense been in 2009? Based on stats dating back to 1991 the Buccaneers defense has never surrendered more then nine pass plays of forty yards or more in a single season. Through seven games this year though, the defense has already been beaten deep 9 times. The last time […]

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In-depth look at pressure not just sacks

by Jim Johnson on September 4, 2009

Most pundits & fans equate pressure as being a team’s flamboyant like ability to sack an opposing quarterback. But what we here at Bucs Central think of when we reference the word pressure is the entire entity of a team’s relentless ability to effectively rattle, force into, or cause a quarterback to either hold onto […]

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Sacks a misleading stat to the average fan

by Jim Johnson on July 25, 2009

Many fans when throwing praise around, about how good a team’s defense is usually start off my mentioning how many times they were able to sack a quarterback, interceptions or the ability to stop the run. But when talking about sacks, one should consider digging deeper as in quarterback hits, quarterback pressures and sacks. Sacks […]

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Michael Clayton vs Brandon Marshall

by Jim Johnson on June 18, 2009

With the recent trade demands by Denver Broncos receiver Brandon Marshall this week, many of the Tampa Bay Buccaneer faithful have expressed a desire for general manager Mark Dominik to offer the Broncos a first and third round pick in next years draft for what some consider to be an up echelon receiver in the […]