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2010 Season Countdown Has Begun As Preview Magazines Hit News Stands

As fanatics for all 32 NFL teams begin to gear up and get ready for Sunday Mayhem to unleash its reign in cities across America. The best part of the NFL offseason has arrived. With the 2010 Preview Magazines hitting news stands, from all of the National Publications. That’s when you know that the countdown has begun, and we’re that much closer to the start of another football season. It’s a fanatic’s first chance to get a sense of what the National Media feels about the teams they root for.

As we know with the exception of April’s draft, along with minicamps and OTA’s, the months from February through June are long with very little actual news breaking. But the three-four weeks leading up to the start of training camps are the worse time for football fanatics. So when these publications start hitting news stands I tend to grab them as soon as I see them.  I love reading what the national media who don’t follow the team as closely as the fanatics do have to say, as well as to brush up on other teams and get a closer look at the rest of the league.

Having said that, most if not all of the five preview magazines I’ve purchased including Athlon, Sporting News, USA Today, Lindy’s & Pro Football Weekly and after reading several of the publications’ the expectations are not very high for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers heading into this upcoming season, most of the preview magazines are predicting big things from the Jets, yet others have the Baltimore Ravens along with the Minnesota Vikings as potential Super Bowl Champions.

The average wins for the Bucs in 2010, among the five publications is four and most if not all of them have the Bucs finishing dead last in the NFC South.  Is it any surprise that the national media has no faith in our beloved Buccaneers after two solid drafts?

Not really, but four wins? Come on! There is no way with the team having a much easier schedule, added talent and a quarterback going in to his second season as the starter  the Bucs finish the 2010 season with one more win then what they had in 2009.

Now don’t get what I’m saying as the Bucs are a legitimate playoff contender. But they are vastly improved from both a talent and coaching standpoint and should be in the six-eight win range after the dust settles on the 2010 season.

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