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Bucs’ Joseph More Hype Then Substance

Joseph plagued by inconsistency throughout his young career

Joseph plagued by inconsistency throughout his young career

Davin Joseph is arguably considered the Bucs best offensive lineman, presumably based on hype and the fact he made the Probowl last season as an alternate. But by scratching below the surface one comes to a much different conclusion. One that might startle some fans, so much so that it could be argued Joseph has been mediocre and inconsistent throughout his young career.

Based on his run behind average per season – throughout his career it’s unwarranted, granted he’s been above average in pass protection through his four seasons as a pro starting 41 of the 42 games he’s played in since being drafted by the Bucs with the 23rd overall pick in the 2006 draft, in which he has allowed six total sacks and committing 13 total penalties. But, even that’s debatable when watching the film, he consistently has mental lapses in regards to assignments and seemingly is pushed back more often then not when trying to sink his hips and anchor in pass protection.

When glancing over his RBA (run behind average) it tells a much different story. One that suggest, simply stated he’s been average when it comes to opening holes for would-be running backs.

2009 2.88 RBA (11th) 1 game
2008 3.90 RBA (22nd) 12 games
2007 4.26 RBA (17th) 16 games
2006 2.96 RBA (29th) 13 games

(Based on actual rushing numbers)

Being ranked in the bottom half of the league, amongst right guards in run behind average isn’t the stuff that has one eluded too as being great, it’s more pedestrian then elite like. Inconsistent would be a much more befitting label of Joseph’s up and down career to this point.

His career 3.5 yard run behind average is mediocre. Which when looking at the numbers year by year, one drawls the sense that Joseph is all over the map in terms of his consistency in run blocking. With a high of 4.26 yards in 2007 to a low of 2.88 in 2009 (through 1 game), it paints a picture of inconsistent play.

So has he reached his ceiling or does he still have room to grow. Early indications are that Joseph is regressing, rather then progressing as a player headed into his fourth season and coming off a Probowl birth.

With a new scheme, there’s sure to be a learning curve, but with the amount of natural athletic ability he posses, one would think his numbers would be getting better rather then taking a turn for the worse.

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