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Bucs Dominik Distancing Himself From Morris?

Could Bucs have sights on Parcells

Could Bucs have sights on Parcells

With message boards, blogs and sport talk radio chatter growing in such a negative light towards the men responsible for the Bucs zer0-dash-six start. It would appear that general manager Mark Dominik is trying to distance himself from the debacle that is the 2009 season with an ever increasing disdain towards head coach Raheem Morris, Dominik is in job preservation mode.

According to published reports, from Sports talk radio host Justin Pawlowski, of WDAE The Sports Animal, which appear on Joebucsfans.com. Chip Carter, the  sports anchor at FOX 13 News interviewed Bucs general manager Mark Dominik prior to kickoff of the Panthers game and asked Dominik if head coach Raheem Morris would be given a chance to remain the teams head coach in 2010.

The response is what is causing all the frenzy and the look that Dominik is in salvage control mode, for his own job. Dominik answered with “we will evaluate him at the end of the season” which in essences is not damaging or fourth coming, and nothing more then GM speak, but none the less just interesting, when he could have just squashed any speculation by simply stating “yes”.

Sure it’s just water cooler speculation, but it seems Dominik is trying to distance himself from Morris, just in-case the team does go win less and the Glazers pull the plug on the experiment in relation to both Morris and Dominik, which has been a failure to date.

With the team looking at no salary cap and a plethora of high draft picks in 2010, there’s no where to go but up with the right general manager and head coach, are the Glazers looking to take another run at Bill Parcells, who spurned them at the alter once, becuase of the horrendous cap shape the team was in?

With Parcells guaranteed the remainder of his salary from the Dolphins and with the Hollywood like atmosphere surrounding the Dolphins lately, is Parcells ready to get back into coaching or is he ready for his next reclamation project.

It’s still early and the Bucs could turn it around and a win a few games late, but the situation is worth keeping a close eye on. Should Dominik continue to distance himself from Morris and the team go win less. It should not surprise anyone if the Glazers try to save face by putting a full court press on an established proven coaching commodity and general manager to stop the bleeding and profit loss that will know doubt continue, the longer the losing continues.

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  • ABuccsFan October 27, 2009, 7:32 am

    I’m not sure I see anything wrong with Dominick’s comment. Why say yes just for the sake of saying yes. Every struggling coach knows he will be evaluated and assessed at the end of the season. Sorry to the Dominick haters, but so far his first year has been above avaerage as far as moves. Trading for Winslow was brilliant. Better than any 2nd round pick ever under bozo Gruden and Allen. It’s too early to say about the 2009 draft class, but so far so good. With all the late round WR busts under Gru/Allen, Sammie is already a notch in Dominick’s belt.

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