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Curious Case Of WR Arrelious Benn

After spending the bye week practice, taking the lions share of first team reps as the Bucs starting flanker. It had looked like Arrelious Benn would receive his first NFL start, against the Bengals. Well it was premature to say the least, the speculation of Benn becoming a starter. For what ever reason, be it bad film or that the rumored learning disability that Benn suffers from has hampered his ability to grasp and retain the playbook. The team has decided against Benn getting his first career NFL start on the road in a hostile environment. As earlier this week head coach Raheem Morris addressed the situation by telling members of the media in attendance “No, we aren’t going to start him, but he is going to become a bigger part of the rotation.”

It is definitely a strange situation to say the least, that a player would take the majority, if not all the reps in practice then not get the nod as a starter. Now one could see if it was due to a starter being injured, but in this case. It seems like maybe there is something else at work. Is it hesitation by Morris not wanting to have two rookie receivers starting? Most likely not, considering the entire receiving corps is young. If I was a betting man I would place my money on the fact that just maybe Benn doesn’t have a solid enough grasp of the playbook to warrant starting just yet.

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