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Glazer’s To Blame For Inept Showing In ’09

Tampa Bay Buccaneers general manager Mark Dominik has been deliberately ambiguous in order to mislead fans, of the teams’ true intentions since being named the Bucs GM. It was widely discussed ad nauseam during the off-season that the team was reloading, rather then rebuilding. But with the Glazer’s raffish approach to spending with concerns over a declining economy and debt incurred with the purchase of Manchester United, just how much is Dominik being handcuffed by the Glazer’s current cash flow problems?

Sure, there were the reports the team was in the running for Albert Haynesworth, but how much of that was Haynesworth and his own representatives’ leaking information to get Redskins owner Daniel Snyder to back the brinks truck up and hand over the keys?

Before the Glazer family acquired Man U. they spent money on the Bucs, but since 2005, the team’s payroll has steadily decreased from a perennial top 15 team when it came to spending in the NFL, to a seller dwelling trash can, dumpster diving bottom spending team.

The purchase of Man U. in May of 2005 and the debt incurred as a result of acquiring the soccer club has a direct correlation between the Glazer’s spending money on the Bucs.

In 2005 the Bucs ranked 25th in total payroll, 2006 they ranked 31st, in 2007 they ranked 22nd, in 2008 they ranked 22nd.  In contrast they ranked 15th in 2004 before the purchase of Man U. in 2003 they ranked 2nd, in 2002 they ranked 16th and 2001 they ranked 10th in total payroll.

It averages out to be a ranking of around 25th in total payroll since the purchase of Man U. and an average ranking of around 11th in total payroll before the purchase. Couple that with the increased price to attend Buccaneer games and one can clearly see the team is using money from the Bucs to help pay down the debt of Man U.

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