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Moral Victories not Enough for Morris

Aqib talib's three interceprions was still not enough to get a win

Aqib talib's three interceprions was not enough to get a win

Buccaneer head coach Raheem Morris held his routine press conference early this week discussing the good, the bad, the really bad, and the downright stupid. He dished out some praise, but reminded everyone the team is still winless, and he will not settle for little victories when it’s just another tally in the loss column.

“I hate when people say they should have won a football game when you lost it,” Morris said. “No, you shouldn’t. You should’ve lost, because you lost.”

After all, there were some positives. There was Gaines Adams, being relevant. There was a strong Cadillac Williams, who has been battling injury. There were Buccaneers in the backfield pressuring the quarterback and slowing the running game. There were big returns on special teams. There were three Aqib Talib interceptions.

And there were missed field goals. There were fumbles. There were three-and-outs and there were big plays given up by the secondary.

It was a tale of two halves, with the positives supplanted by untimely mistakes when the Buccaneers came out flat and seemingly unmotivated after halftime.

“Those are some of the things you’ve got to improve,” Morris said. “Developing that killer instinct, developing that feel, developing all that stuff, and that’s the sign of a young team.”

While many wish the Bucs would just grow up already and play football, it’s hard to chart the learning curve with any accuracy. Especially with quarterback Josh Johnson starting just his second game and a rookie backing him up.

“A lot of it is just growing with the guys,” Johnson said. “Just growing and a lot of us being more in sync. That is obviously our first actual game situation in with each other. It was a good learning experience for us because now I get to feel those guys out better. It’s a lot of things that you can’t emulate in practice that we got to experience in the game.”

Johnson’s next game experience comes Sunday when the Bucs visit the 2-1 Eagles.

“Every game right now could turn around your season,” Morris said. “We’re 0-4. People lose more games than four games in a season and they continue to go out and play. That’s just our job right now. Every game we play is our most important. Right now the Philadelphia game is the most important that we have and the most important we have on the schedule.”

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