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Morris Saving Freeman To Save His Job?

Freeman is Morris meal ticket for 2010

Freeman is Morris' meal ticket for 2010

Is Raheem Morris coddling first round pick, Josh Freeman, sure, but for what reasons. Amidst swirling rumors that Freeman has not done everything in his power to get acclimated to the pro game and has gained weight – not in the film room studying the intricacies of the game inside and out. One might question the selection altogether, but there could be more to it, then what appears on the surface with the decision to not play Freeman.

It’s simply appears that Morris is afraid to play the quarterback he’s married to in order to keep a head coaching job through the 2010 season. Could it be an elaborate conspiracy plot being played out in the media or behind closed doors, or is it just a solid business decision for both Morris and general manager Mark Dominik.

If Freeman’s inserted into the lineup and shows he’s the second coming of Ryan Leaf and the Bucs go win less in 2009, most likely Morris is out of a job along with Dominik.

But by holding off on playing Freeman this year, Morris is buying himself and Dominik time to get adjusted to their new roles with the team. All the while selling the Glazer’s the notion that Freeman is improving behind the scenes. Further more, he is showing the Glazer’s just how bare the cupboard was left in relation to the talent level on the team.

Is it what’s best for the Bucs, probably not, but it is what’s best for Morris and Dominik to continue to have a small glimmer of hope at retaining there respective jobs heading into the 2010 season, absolutely.

It also forces the Glazer’s to answers critics who say they are broke with the debt incurred over the purchase of Manchester Untied, which might actually force the Glazer’s to loosen the purse strings a bit this coming off-season to avoid ticket sales plummeting even further for two straight years with the likelihood of blackouts in 2010.

The onus will be on the Glazer family to show they are 100% committed to the franchise, if anyone knows for sure whether or not it’s been a mandate by the Glazer’s to not spend on free agents it would be both Dominik and Morris as they were both on the payroll taking guidance from Bruce Allen and Jon Gruden who would have gotten there marching orders directly from the Glazer’s.

It might be far fetched to think of it this way, but with the way the season has gone on so far, one would think Morris and Dominik are looking for ways to insulate themselves from a possible termination depending on how the rest of the season plays out.

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