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Players Losing Respect For Morris

Morris hanging out with players after hours is causing a divided locker room

Morris actions on and off the field causing players to question him.

With reports surfacing that Buccaneers head coach Raheem Morris has started to loss the locker room, it doesn’t bode well for the rest of the season. A lot of it steams from the actions, or lack of actions by Morris. Players have begun to lose respect for the rookie head coach. It seems to steam from his DB coach mentality, which up to this point has not changed. He’s trying to still be, just one of the guys with his players instead of being an authoritative figure over them.

A few examples which have caused the ripple down effect is the teams zero-dash-seven start, the handling of the quarterback position in general, then the fact he is still hanging out with players at different venues after hours.

Another lucid sign was during the game against the Carolina Panthers, in week six according to Scott Reynolds, the Publishing editor of Pewter Report, in which Reynolds during a radio show revealed that the team wanted Derrick Ward to go back into the game in the second quarter, Ward refused to play and sat out the remainder of the game with no repercussions. That and the fact that Morris still hasn’t benched Michael Clayton for his play and comments this season, which have been detrimental to the team.

Are just a few examples of how the players are slowly starting to lose respect for him, When you throw in the phone incident, during the Patriots game in which he was caught on tape talking with someone, then rookie Josh Freeman is inserted into the game. It would appear that a higher power is pulling the strings.

One and done, is a real possibility at this point. Add to it the speculation Morris needs to win at least two games to remain the Bucs head coach in 2010 and it would appear that the writing is on the wall.

Rookie quarterback, remaining schedule and lost locker room equal winless season and the boot for Morris.

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