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Game Review: Bucs @ Titans

From my perspective of all four quarterbacks, Josh Johnson has the quickest

Freemans debut leaves some wondering

Freemans' debut leaves some wondering

release of any of them, steps up in the pocket and delivers the football with accuracy. He did not get rattled when things broke down or when he was hurried, even with the bobbled shotgun snap he maintained his composure and instead of throwing the football, saw the crease and ran with it rather then forcing an ill advised pass.

Byron Leftwich, as has been noted looks slow in his delivery, but did show some escapability and forced the ball down the field, the timing is still off, evident by the Leftwich to Clark pass that was behind Clark which forced the receiver to turn around to make a great catch and showed a little wiggle to get to the endzone. If the pass would have been placed out in front of Clark he walks into the endzone. Field awareness could have been better, on the deep throw to Stovall he had a guy running free in the intermediate zone with a defensive back trailing him by atleast 10 yards with plenty of open space in front of him

Josh Freeman looked like a deer caught in the headlights, but it was to be expected. His delivery needs to speed up some, it is not as slow or elongated as Leftwich’s but needs some work, you can tell his decision making is still not the speed it needs to be, as he is still processing information a few seconds late. Most of it looked like nerves getting the better of him.

Luke McCown did not get any favors from the receiver last night and looked indecisive in his decision making, did not plant and release, did very little to challenge the Titans secondary.

Receivers Cortez Hankton & Maurice Stovall looked horrible dropping everything thrown there way Saturday night.

Ball security was atrocious, whether it was bobbled snaps, fumbles or interceptions this is clearly an area that needs to be tightened up.

As predicted the line was going to struggle early on, as it is still finding it’s way, too many times last night the lineman failed to come off the double team and hit the second level defender, mental breakdowns were another huge problem. But what’s even worse was watching the starting tackles allow the Titans edge rushers to run un-impeded to the quarterback for easy pressure and or sacks.

For as little talk or mention of Sabby Piscitelli this training camp he showed big when filling and spilling the run and showed great ability to get back in pass coverage.

The rotation of Chris Hovan, Ryan Sims, Dre Moore and rookie Roy Miller looked good, they bottled the run to the tune of 1.47 yards a carry and only allowed 22 total yards on 15 carries. They also got great push and forced the QB to roll into a sack, the middle of the defense looked stout in every aspect.

Greg White looked like he did two years ago, pressuring the QB, getting in the passing line and then icing the cake when he skied to come down with an interception on a nice individual play.

For the brief showing from second year receiver Dexter Jackson, he did not elude contact, but did come up lame on his only return.

Stats Breakdown

The Bucs held one of the most regarded rushing attacks in the league last season to 93 yards on 31 carries for a 3.0 yard average.

The ground game for the Bucs averaged 5.31 yards per carry for a total of 138 yards on 26 carries.

On defense the Buc totaled 7 tackles for loss, 2 interceptions, 3 quarterback hits, 2 sacks and 5 passes defensed.

The down side to a solid performance by the defense was the lackluster performance by the Bucs offensive line which allowed 3 sacks and 9 quarterback hits.

Game Book


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4 comments… add one
  • Lee C August 17, 2009, 12:31 pm

    Watching that game just made me realize that I literally can’t wait until next month. I always get so hyped up for preseason and then get let down by how unexciting the game is. It is nice to see some of the players on the cusp of trying to win a roster spot, but the 3rd and 4th quarters of preseason games are pretty much worthless in my book. I can’t wait until they go to the 18 game season. Does anyone know when that is supposed to begin?

  • Roland Johnson August 17, 2009, 12:58 pm

    I usually look at pre-season in the third and fourth quarter as a learning tool and individual performances rather then as a whole. Look at guys who are assignment sound and show a willingness to get involved in the action.

    Marshall McDuffie was all over the field and recorded six total tackles which was nice to see and could push Donte Nicholson right out of the mix after Nicholson showing.

    But I was really pleased with the effort and push Dre Moore got and he was credited with two QB pressures on top playing stout in the running game,

  • Lee C August 17, 2009, 2:50 pm

    Yep, the whole defense looked great (with the exception of Nicholson). I’m not sure about the zone blocking scheme on offense. Why fix it if it wasn’t broke? But I guess Jags has his own scheme and everything needs to work cohesively if we want to win. I just wasn’t seeing the cutback lanes open up at all.

    I had no idea that Raheem had so many guys from Hofstra in camp. Nothing like a little College nepotism. Do you think this could be a mistake as we might be legitimately missing out on some quality players that could be taking those spots? I’m thinking that I might write something up on that for my next blog.

  • Lee C August 17, 2009, 3:43 pm

    Nevermind about the Hofstra thing. The announcer of the game said there were 5 or 6 Hofstra players on the roster, but I could only find two. Kyle Arrington and Kareem Huggins. Both guys seem to belong there. So much for that idea.

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