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Snap Judgements: Glazers Could Put End To Speculation

The Glazer clan, consisting of Bryan, Joel, Edward & Malcolm, the father & son hierarchy and owners of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers could squash all the rumors and speculation for debate with regards to Raheem Morris‘ future in Tampa, with one well thought out sentence to the local and national media backing their current head coach. But as unusual as it sounds for them to come out of hiding and refute such reports as they did earlier in the year when a certain radio personality over stepped his bounds – suggested the team was for sale –  tied the Glazer family to Bernie Madoff and his scandals business schemes.

When owners of NFL organizations have come out in the past and backed their current coach, it typically has been the kiss of death and the coach was subsequently fired at seasons end.

If anything, this is the most national news exposure  surrounding the team since the old guard purge at the beginning of the year. So why would they come out and refute such speculation, that Morris is safe?

If Bill Cowher, did indeed speak with the Glazers, maybe it was for a roll similar to that of Bill Parcells who oversees football operations for the Miami Dolphins or even that of the newly hired Mike Holmgren of the Cleveland Browns as they want a checks and balance system above that of just Mark Dominik.

When you consider what many pundits suggested at the midway point of the season, should Morris win between 2-4 games and the team make strides down the stretch his job would be secure in 2010, it now appears that Morris and his job security are being directly linked to season ticket renewals and dwindling attendance at Raymond James Stadium.

The Glazers for all purposes are very astute business men and understand that empty stadium seats equals less cash for them to pay down debts incurred with the purchase of Manchester United.

Landing a coach or consultant with the pedigree of Cowher, is an instant boost in season ticket renewals and a renewed since of hope by many fans that they are indeed serious about fielding a competitive team moving forward even it is built through the draft.

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