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A Closer Look At The Bucs AFC North Opponents

The other day I was perusing through the Bucs up coming 2010 schedule, more particular the AFC North opponents. While doing some research, I came across some interesting numbers. Did you know the Bucs have played the four teams that currently make up the AFC North a total of 27 times and have managed 11 wins for a winning percentage of .407%.

The Bucs have played the Bengals nine times and have won six games they’ve played the Ravens three times and have won two. They played seven games against the Browns and managed two wins. But the team that’s given the Bucs the most problems over the years, from the AFC North has been the Steelers with the Bucs managing just one win in eight games. It was a 16-3 win at home on December 13, 1998. If you’re doing the math, it’s been twelve years since the Bucs have defeated the Steelers. As for the last time the Bucs beat the Ravens, it was a 25-0 victory on December 15, 2002 in Baltimore eight years ago. The Bucs beat both the Bengals and Browns in 2006 the last time the team played the AFC North division.

Did you know? It took the Bucs 21 seasons to win 100 games. However, over the teams last 13 seasons they have won 114 games. During their first 21 years of existence the Bucs averaged 4.77 wins per season and over the past 13 years the Bucs have averaged 8.77 wins per season. 118 or 55% of the teams wins have come against six teams the Lions (26), Packers (21), Vikings (20), Bears (18), Falcons (18), and the Saints (15).

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