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In the Jan-Feb issue of PewterReport, Scott Reynolds writes in a column titled” Morris needs to blitz and be more aggressive” While the article touches on a few different things, the nugget that was most intriguing was the mention of Joe Lee Dunn & his Amoeba Radar Defense. Which is a very simple premise that forces opposing offenses to adjust to the defense rather then having the defense try to adjust to an offense or limit what a given offense does best.

The basic principle is to blitz from any angle, to disrupt the timing of the run and the pass. It forces an offensive line to adjust the way it blocks such a defense, which ultimately causes mental breakdowns against the pressure packed gap penetrating scheme.

If you remember that one of the things Morris stated during his introduction at his news conference was he wanted to force the action and score touchdowns and get the football back on defense.

It is a pressure defense every down. The looks that the Amoeba Radar Defense shows up front might change from a 7- or 8-man front, but the fact remains that the blitz will be constant. Which based on what I have read about Jim Bates scheme with flowing everything to the inside and pressure from the gaps it would seem that Morris is truly looking to run a version of the Amoeba Defense this coming season.

In an article titled Bltizing against anything, by Joe Lee Dunn he describes his defense, which is very similar to that of Jim Bates from the stand point of getting pressure.

According to Dunn the architect of the defense, one of the advantages to this type of defense is that you change the looks and blitz combination’s for each opponent. The offense already knows from previous game films that the blitz is coming, but by altering the looks and blitzes enough so that the offense is forced to make in game adjustments to pick the different stunts, twist and end-tackle & tackle-end game up it causes mass confusion and gives the defense the upper hand.

Which is one step to taking a high powered offense out of sync thus creating a generous edge to a defense that is built on speed, the choice to play more man and bump coverage on the outside also plays into this giving the front seven more time to get to the quarterback.

All in all look for the Bucs to really turn up the heat this coming season, It will no longer look like the defense is playing on its heels, but rather it should look more like what Eagles Defensive Coordinator Jim Johnson has done over the years with a pressure packed defense forcing treams to adjust to what they do rather then adjusting to what a particular offense does. .

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