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Barber doesn’t mesh – Phillips entrenched

So, safety turned linebacker Jermaine Phillips is entrenched as the

Dont believe everything you here floating around the web these days

Don't believe everything you here floating around the web these days

Buccaneers weakside linebacker and cornerback Ronde Barber, doesn’t exactly mesh with the new defensive scheme.

That is if you believe everything you here floating around cyber space these days.

Not sure, how Phillips could be entrenched as one of the teams outside linebackers after making the transition from safety like Dan Parr, of Profootballweekly.com is suggesting. A 30-year old safety moving closer to the line of scrimmage and learning on the fly doesn’t scream entrenched to this fanatic. Parr must be reading into things a tad bit more then others. Seeing as Phillips has a problem with breaking his forearms the past several seasons, moving closer to the line is not going to help “Captain Calcium”  in the slightest, if anything it will only further take a toll on his brittle inner skeleton.

Barber, has avoided the media all off-season for this very reason, carrying  a chip on his shoulder, becuase everywhere he turns the media and fans are doubting his abilities to adapt to the bump man coverage Jim Bates’ system requires to be effective. Once again the Staff at Profootballweekly likes to attribute the information they gather to unnamed sources.

While Bates, may be willing to adjust his scheme to fit the personnel on the roster. Isn’t that what good coaches do? Adjust schemes to fit personnel rather then forcing square pegs into round holes.

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