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Barber-Morris a hustler for Money

4-12 you say? Well that is exactly what some in the media are predicting for you’re beloved Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The uncertainty with such a large turnover from coaches to players, has many in the media down on a team that has been consistently mediocre over the past several seasons.

The above scenario, is what Sports Illustrated.com is predicting for a franchise best known as lovable losers in there infantile stages of existent.

Veteran cornerback, and longest tenured Buccaneer Ronde Barber used two very descriptive adjectives to describe his former DB loving secondary coach ‘peon” & ” hustler for money” is what Barber initially viewed Raheem Morris as when he began as a quality control assistant coach in the teams glorious ascent and triumph in Superbowl 37 that culminated in the team raising the Lombardi Trophy. Of course it was done with a slight laugh and smile, Barber thinks Morris is a “proverbial from-the-bottom-floor-to-the-top guy type of coach.”

But, after picking the Bucs to become the doormats of the NFL, how then does the writer reference Morris, to other young coaches who all won Superbowls in their thirties?

Listen, the talent is there for the Bucs to make a solid run at a playoff spot, just hearing Morris comment on leaving for Kansas State and then his return to the Bucs after one year as the defensive coordinator at K-State and the players talk about his abilities. One gets the sense that maybe the Glazers who spearheaded the promotion of Morris from DB coach, to defensive coordinator, to Head coach know a little something more then we the average fans, as every coach that they have hired to be the point man has had a huge impact in a very short time with the franchise.

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