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Bates’ Defends Adams

Defensive coordinator Jim Bates answered critics who bashed third year DE Gaines Adams’s performance after Sunday’s loss to the Cowboys. Bates, who has helped the careers of many past pupils under his tutelage reach super-stardom, spoke with Roy Cummings of The Tampa Tribune.

Bates suggested looking at the tape, and the tape doesn’t lie. It’s not the consistency he would have liked to have seen from Adams, but he does point out that Adams had a few tremendous rush attempts against mount-mammoth left tackle Flozelle Adams.

Then came the built in excuses for Adams and the teams inept attempt at getting pressure on Tony Romo, when he said that five-step drops and timing routes prevented the defensive line from getting after the quarterback.

Any time a player is one-on-one he has got to make the other team pay – that’s what elite pass rushers do. They take the opportunity they are given and capitalize on it. What Adams has been doing so far in his career has not been the stuff elite rushers are made of. He seems more like a situational rusher at best. Until he proves he has mastered the art of edge rushing he will continue to be judged on his lack of performance.

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