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Blount Working Towards Perfection

Blount working towards perfection

The human highlight reel that Legarrette Blount put together as an undrafted rookie, included hurdling defenders, flying through the air reminiscent of a super hero, stiff arms and a host of whirling derby’s. However, his accomplishments very seldom allowed him to remain on the field during critical third downs, as he often gave way to more experienced backs.

Like most rookie running backs, who haven’t mastered the nuances of pass protection at the pro level Blount is working to get as close to perfection as possible.

Entering training camp sleeker then last season, Blount used his time wisely in the off-season to shed some weight in order to become quicker and more involved as an every down back.

“As far as football goes, my first priority is to become an every down back,” Blount told the Tampa Tribune. “That’s what I’m working towards and that’s what I’m going to be and that’s what I’m working toward the hardest.”

Blount’s ability to master the art of pass protection, should aid in the offenses effectiveness and make it less predictable to opposing defenses. The inability of a defense to gain an advantage when Blount’s in the game by keying on him strictly as a runner should open everything up for the rest of the Bucs skilled position players.

He’s looked smooth in pass protection through the first three days of training camp, but it’s been in shorts with no contact. The real test comes today when the teams dons the pads for the first time. With only 5 receptions as a rookie he’s looked very natural at plucking the ball out of the air as a receiver early on in camp.

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