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Bowen Hyping Up Bucs

Former NFL veteran safety, turned journalist Matt Bowen, who was a sixth-round pick of the St. Louis Rams in the 2000 NFL Draft, played for four teams ( Rams, Packers, Redskins & Bills)  in a career that spanned seven-years is heaping praise on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers current haul of prospects in an article that appears on The National Football Post.

While Bowen praises the Bucs draft, he’s still cautions fans that the Bucs are not yet challengers in the NFC South.

However, it all goes back to the second-year QB. For this team to be successful as an offense, they need to allow him the time needed to develop. That starts with a running game of Cadillac Williams, Derrick Ward and Earnest Graham, and now two young receivers who should be expected to contribute serious minutes and make plays — even as rookies.

We can’t call the Bucs challengers just yet for the NFC South, but when you look at their draft class and the talent they already have in Freeman, this has the feel of a young team that is starting to put together the right parts to eventually be a major player in the NFC.

I like teams that build through the draft. They get to develop their own talent and in time it pays off in the win column. This is exactly what we are seeing down in Tampa — and it will only get better.

It’s a very fair assessment of where the team is from a talent standpoint, but it would seem that the general consensus from the inner NFL circle is that the Bucs two rookie receivers will also play a major role in 2010.

But, one position that the Bucs addressed that should have a big effect on the development of QB Josh Freeman is the wide receiver position. Arrelious Benn came off of the board to Tampa in the second round before the team took a flyer on Syracuse’s Mike Williams in the fourth — a player who has his fair share of red flags and question marks, but we can’t deny his pure talent.

Too often we overlook the options that are needed on the field when a QB like Freeman, who had some success in his rookie season, is still learning and working on his craft when it comes to the pro game.

With Benn and Williams, the Bucs now have two receivers who can match up physically against NFL DBs and who can both provide something different in the passing game.

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