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Bowers Set To Make Those “Suffer” Who Passed On Him.

After listening to all the pundits express doubts about his surgically repaired knee, Da’Quan Bowers watched as he repeatedly was passed over, before eventually being selected by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the second round. He was regarded as the top defensive end prospect entering the pre-draft process, but many teams felt the risk was just too much of a gamble to take a chance on him, in the first round. So he has taken mental notes of the 31 teams that passed on him, vowing they would regret it.

“It just adds fuel to my fire,” he said. “I have my opportunity now. That was the first step. The second step is just to show everybody what I’m capable of and to make everyone that passed on me suffer.

“All 31 teams that doubted me, they will feel what I’m coming with every time. I promise that. I’m healthy, and as far as I’m concerned with that one contract (talk), that has nothing to do with it. They had their chance. They passed on it.”

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