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Bryant,”Last year was for the haters. This year is for the doubters.”

Antonio Bryant went from just another spectator in 2007 to the leading

Bryant out to prove the doubters wrong

Bryant out to prove the doubters wrong

receiver on the Buccaneers in 2008. Bryant who is a self proclaimed bitter person when it comes to losing. played last season for the haters and will play the 2009 season for as he calls them the doubters.

In our view it is great that Bryant is playing with a chip on his shoulder, but eventually he will have no one left to blame or prove wrong and will need to find an inner movating factor in which to push himself to produce at a high level. What happens when he can no longer find that group or person to channle his anger towards as his sole motavating factor for producing on Sundays and has to relie on his core beliefs to get him to where he needs to be.

Will he revert back to the Bryant that played in Dallas or for the Browns or how about the off the field distractions with the 49ers which lead to him being suspended and out of football in 2007.

His bitterness about losing is great and if it helps motavate his teammates even better, but sometimes the way you translate that bitterness can ultimatley cause a rift in the locker room, this is a situation that bares watching in 2009, especially if the team doesn’t jump out of the gate fast.

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