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Bucs’ Breathing Easier, Olson’s Bastardized Scheme

There’s been plenty of scuttlebutt the past few weeks, about exactly what offense, offensive coordinator Greg Olson will unveil with an entire off-season of planning. While most reports suggest that Olson is reverting back to a more traditional West Coast Offense of which was run under the guidance of former head coach Jon Gruden. Olson however, has indicated he’ll incorporate the vertical stretch a staple in the famed “Air Coryell” offense of the late 70’s and early 80’s and later revolutionized with the Rams, as part of a schematic offensive package under then offensive coordinator Mike Martz.

At this juncture it’s a safe bet to conclude, that Olson’s scheme doesn’t necessarily have a name or a moniker in which it will undoubtedly be called by, but is more of a bastardized scheme that’s incorporating bits and pieces from various schemes throughout the age of the NFL to better suit the cast of players the team has assembled on the offensive side of the ball.

“It’s a little bit of everything, it’s also about running the football,” Olson said

In Other News

That reverberating sound you heard this past week was the collective sight of relief fans had after hearing the news that rookie defensive tackle Gerald McCoy, who was seen limping off the practice fields with trainers, at One Buc Place, with an apparent leg injury. Was described as a “minor tweak” by head coach Raheem Morris, Jason La Canfora of  NFL.com reported it was a “tweaked” hip.

McCoy the third overall pick in April’s draft by the Bucs is projected as the center piece of the rebuilding process on defense. A serious injury would have been catastrophic and only derailed hope, as the team continues to build a lasting contender in Tampa.

Williams: “Freeman’s A little Wet Behind The Ears”

With such talk of a high octane passing attack being formed this coming season in Tampa, veteran running back Cadillac Williams thinks the mentality of the Bucs should be to pound the football. While Williams admits the trend in the NFL, is a lot of passing and even though he thinks second year quarterback Josh Freeman is going to be great. He’s still a little wet behind the ears and to be a championship football team, it comes down to the basics, which is running the ball.

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