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Bucs’ Barry Still Searching For Elusive Win

Barry still looking for elusive win after 21 straight losses

Barry still looking for elusive win after 21 straight losses

In his second stint with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Joe Barry, the teams linebacker coach has been on the losing end of 21 straight regular season games dating back to the 2007 season, when he was the Detroit Lions defensive coordinator. Based on the current state of the Bucs franchise, in it’s present capacity, Barry could very well be the only coach in NFL history to coach on back-to-back win less teams in the modern era.

“If you’re weak-minded, this game will crush you,” Barry told Ira Kaufman of the Tampa Tribune. “If you’re not a tough-minded individual, this league will chew you up and spit you out, especially what I’ve gone through in the last 18 months.

“If you have any competitive spirit in your body, losing is the worst thing in life. I work my butt off to prepare and there’s one bottom line, you go out there to win. There’s nothing else. There’s winning or there’s losing and everything comes out on Sunday.

Barry, might very well be fitted for a straight jacket, and checked into a padded cell, if the Bucs continue down the dismal path they are charting for themselves.

Nugent Owns Up To Horrid Play
After a piss poor performance in which he missed his first two field goal attempts this past Sunday against the Redskins, Nugent made no excuses for his play.Telling Stephen Holder, of the St.Petersburg Times “I felt like if I would have done my job, we should have won by three (points). I thought everybody did a great job for it being such a close game. If I would have made those two kicks, we’d be going home with a win. I just walked off the field thinking I just didn’t do my job.”

You don’t say! Your job as a kicker is to make field goals, what you have shown through the pre-season and the first quarter of the season is you are unreliable and not worth the paper your contract is written on. Two units came to play and put the team in position to come out of a hostile environment with a win, albeit an ugly one, nonetheless it would have still been a win and all you did was royally screw it up. Thanks for the lasting memories, let’s hope you’re looking for work real soon.

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