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If you’re a Bucoholic seeing things through pewter & red tinted glasses these days or a creamsicle haze that’s looking for a reliable source of information. Then we’re not fooling around when we tell you that in order to follow the Tampa Bay Buccaneers the right way, it’s absolutely obligatory to seize BucsCentral.com and not let go. No one stays up-to-date on the latest comings and goings surrounding the Bucs like we do, burning the midnight oil as we bring you news you can use, enough stats to make you drool and insightful commentary. Bucs Central delivers daily copy that will make you laugh, think and scream out loud.

Bucs Central is a 21st century blog, that keeps you up-to-date on breaking news and provides must-read commentary you won’t find anywhere else. From the time they lace ‘em up, till the final whistle and everything in-between. In the locker room to the “man on the street” get your daily dose of “inside scoop” at Bucs Central.

What’s even more important however is the staff assembled at Bucs Central is a bunch of crazed football fanatics who lives, revolve solely around the Buccaneers. They breathe, eat and crap football. Read some or register to punt your own opinions around. You know you can’t resist. Good or bad it’s all about the Bucs!

To that end we have a couple announcements. In the coming months we here at Bucs Central will be launching a tweaked version of the front-end layout of the site, in the hopes its more eye appealing. We will also be looking at more stats from play by play data thanks to our good friend Brian Burke of Advanced NFL Stats who released raw play by play data sets from 2002-2008. We’re hoping Brian will release the 2009 play by play data so we can truly break down the ins and outs of the 2009 season based on statistical analysis.

Also, we are looking to add a few good bloggers for the coming season. So if you’re an opinionated person then feel free to drop us a line and a few shorts sentences about yourself at Bucscentral@gmail.com.

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