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Bucs Chances Of Going 0-16 Continue To Mount

The late McKay was the last coach to coach the Bucs to a winless season

The late McKay was the last coach to coach the Bucs to a win-less season

The Detroit Lions, who are most noted among NFL fans for their horrific play from last season when they endured 0-16 onslaught of highlight reel follies, to last a life time. Might very well have company as soon as this year, which further fuels the debate over NFL parity. The Buccaneers who went win less in their inaugural season as an expansion team in 1976 and lost a total of 24 straight regular season games before securing the franchise first victory.

Are among the list of six remaining win less teams Brad Biggs, of NationalFootballPost.com, breaks down. According to Biggs, the Bucs have the second best chance at going win less in 2009, which would be the teams second time putting up a goose egg in the win column for an entire season.

Let’s see. They’ve changed offensive coordinators, swapped out quarterbacks and couldn’t succeed Sunday at Washington despite intercepting Jason Campbell three times.

The Buccaneers are short on playmakers on the offensive side of the ball, a common theme among the winless, but the underreported issue here is a bad defense under first-year coach Raheem Morris. Tampa has switched schemes, and the adjustment on the fly has not gone well. Unless they can beat up on Carolina, the Bucs are going to take their lumps in the NFC South.

Tampa tried to sign defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth in free agency and was close to engineering a trade for quarterback Jay Cutler. But it’s been the moves they’ve made that they might regret. The Bucs made tight end Kellen Winslow the highest paid at his position in the league and are getting little in return. Antonio Bryant was franchise tagged because they didn’t have anyone else at the position. Give them credit here, at least they didn’t sign him up long term. Add in some failed high draft picks in recent years, and you have a recipe for a meltdown.

Why it won’t happen: This is not a team the NFL is looking forward to showcasing in England when the Bucs play the Patriots there on Oct. 25. If the Rams have the best chance of reaching 0-16, then the Bucs are right behind them. Josh Johnson did some nice things in his debut at Washington against a pretty good defense, and the Bucs have a decent stable of running backs they can lean on.

Sure, anything is possible. Not quite sure as Briggs points out in the opening of his article that it should even be being considered, at such and early stage of the season that a team be mentioned as a possible candidate to join the Love-able Lions as sixteen game losers.

But even the most optimistic of fans, have to have doubt creeping in surrounding there teams chances of securing a win after witnessing the first quarter of play.

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