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Bucs Coach Challenges D-Lines Manhood

Through three games the pass rush from the Buccaneers front four has been erratic at best. Boasting one sack every 28 times an opposing quarterback drops back to pass seems respectable at first glance, but it doesn’t begin to tell the whole story. In two of the three games, thus far this season, the Bucs have been held without a sack and have gotten all four of their sacks against the Carolina Panthers, with three coming from the d-line.

Speaking with veteran scribe Ira Kaufman, of the Tampa Tribune second year defensive tackle Roy Miller proclaimed getting after Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer “Might be the most important thing we need to do this week. We have to affect this quarterback. Our pass rush is the No. 1 priority – it has to happen. Whatever it takes, we have to bring it.”

The erratic play from the defensive line hasn’t been lost on position coach Todd Wash, who has taken his fair share of criticism over the lack of any kind of sustainable pass rush since being named the teams’ defensive line coach in 2008.  Under Wash’s tenure as defensive line coach, he has never had a player record double digit sacks. Palmer, who has been sacked seven times this season in four games, has taken five of those seven sacks in two losing efforts. So, yes he’s susceptible to being sacked.

Wash who used the bye week to examine the Bucs pass rush in detail told Kaufman, “We have challenged our defensive line this week, challenged their manhood a bit, to put Carson Palmer on the ground.”

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