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Bucs corner Talib discusses fight

Talib discusses fight

Talib discusses fight

Bucs cornerback Aqib Talib, faced the daunting task of speaking to the media after his latest bout of aggression towards a teammate. Talib discussed his version of the altercation with left tackle Donald Penn during Wednesday’s OTA. During the skirmish, the high strung Talib wildly swung his helmet and accidentally hit fellow cornerback Torrie Cox in the face, who coincidentally was trying to be a peace maker. Cox suffered injuries that required stitches.

“A small altercation that got bigger than we wanted it to get,” Talib said, describing the incident. “It was still football. It was a competitive nature out there. Me and Donald, we let our emotions get the best of us. It kind of just got a little out of hand out there.”

Talib, admitted that after his second altercation in as many years involving teammates that he has to work on controlling his emotions and his temper better.

“I’ve definitely got to work on it,” Talib said. “It’s a family though. When you’re out here with your brothers, I’m sure a lot of us have brothers and sisters. I mean, you fight. It comes with being a family. We’re all brothers out here. Me and Donald, we’re perfectly fine today. It’s behind us. We’re ready to work hard and move on.”

“We’re a family, so we all got punished together,” Talib said. “We went out and did our little running, we all got punished together. So it wasn’t just me and Donald that got punished, we got punished as a team because we’re a team.”

“Of course, they gave me my slap on the wrist,” Talib said. “The guys — (Jeff) Faine, (Chris) Hovan — the guys who were supposed to come up and talk to me, they definitely came up and said what they had to say to me. It’s behind us though. It was a small altercation. It got a little out of hand.

“I talked to Torrie all last night, I was over there. We’re good. We’re definitely good. We’re all back with a big smile on our faces.”

“He got some stitches, but it could’ve been worse,” Talib said. “At least it was just stitches. He’ll be all right. His head is good. It could’ve been a lot worse than it was. But he definitely did get a cut on his face.”

“Definitely, you’ve got to sit back and look at what you did,” Talib said. “You’ve just got to make the best of it and build on it. I’m 23 and I’m glad I got it out of the way when I was 23, so I’ll never do that again.” Source: BucsBeat.com

It stands to reason, that after being repeatedly fined last season for missing team meetings and arriving late, along with his verbal altercation at the NFL rookie symposium with fellow rookie RB Cory Byrd last season that the latest transgression has the leash a lot tighter for Talib this coming season.

Morris would be wise to grab hold of the oppourtunity to show the team as a whole that certian things will not be tolerated.

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