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Bucs defense to look more like MMA

Clark Judge a senior writer for CBSSports.com, writes that the Buccaneers new defensive scheme will look more like Mixed Martial Arts rather then the Tampa 2.

Morris over the past several weeks has been chirping too every media outlet that will listen, he continues to chant the same mantra about becoming a more physical and violent team. He feels by doing so it will allow the team to be molded into something that wins Championships.

“It’s about us becoming who we want to become,” new Buccaneers coach Raheem Morris said at the NFL owners’ meetings. “And that’s more physical and more violent because the more violent team always wins.”

He pointed to last year’s Pittsburgh Steelers, and he was right. He cited the 2007 New York Giants, and he was right. But does anybody think the 2006 Indianapolis Colts were more violent than Chicago? Hey, two out of three will take you far in the NFL.

It is unclear how Morris is going to accomplish this goal about becoming more physical on the defensive side of the football with the players on hand. But it could very well be that by discarding players like Derrick Brooks & Cato June who were presumably finesse type players for a player like Angelo Crowell is just the start of the makeover from a soft non attacking style to what will become a more physical brand of football the likes of which Buccaneer fans haven’t seen in a very long time.

Judge, also breaks down what the Buccaneers need in the up coming draft. With QB / DL / LB being named as a position for a starter in his eyes and depth needed at the following positions WR / DB. The only positions Judge feels the team is set at is OL / RB / TE.

It could be argued that the signing of Crowell reduces the need for a starter in the linebacking corps, but could still be viewd as a position of need. The other problem with his needs breakdown would be the cornerback spot as that should be at the top of the list along with defensive line. With only three players returning from last seasons group, the scheme change and age of Ronde Barber only puts more emphasis on the team needing another starter.

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