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Bucs Dominik Responds to Cheap Spending

Tampa Bay Buccaneers general manager Mark Dominik, responds too

Dominik - Bucs spent wisely

Dominik - Bucs spent wisely

the committed cash report that was recently blogged by Jason La Canfora, of NFL.com. Dominik, who spoke with Anwar Richardson of the Tampa Tribune to clear the air on the perceived notion that the Bucs are cheap, when it comes to spending big time money on players. He strongly disagrees with the premise that the team is cheap, rather the team has spent the money wisely.

“It’s never been stated like that, nor have I been under that impression my last six or seven months on the job, or the years prior as director of pro [personnel],” Dominik said. “It’s been, ‘Lets spend our money smart.’

“The philosophy I take, and the philosophy [former general manager] Bruce [Allen] had also, was, ‘Spend it like it’s your own.’ You can’t just go out there and throw it away. You got to think of it as your money and how would you spend it most wisely. I think that leads you to making more sound decisions.”

“I’ve always lived in the mind-set that every player has a certain amount of value,” Dominik said. “You have to determine that and you have to stick to it or it means nothing.”

“The hardest part about free agency, and one the biggest problems you have in free agency, is determining something of value, especially when the person from the other team is not on your roster,” Dominik said. “Then understanding that you could be bidding against two, three, five or six teams. You don’t know.

“It’s the agent’s responsibility to put the young man in the right home and also to maximize his opportunity of being a free agent.”

“Just because you don’t bring home the most popular names doesn’t mean you’re not adding pieces to the puzzle, like a Jimmy Wilkerson last year,” Dominik said. “No one knew who Jimmy Wilkerson was coming out of Kansas City and he came on and played well for us. Even though he wasn’t the big contract everyone wanted to see the Buccaneers spend, he was an important piece of the puzzle and now has a chance to be our starting left end.

“I don’t think it’s been noticed in the NFL, but even in this offseason, the Glazers have shown their willingness and desire to put a good product on the football field that will give us the best opportunity to win not only this year, but in the future.”

Dominik said that it has never been stated by the Glazers not to spend money on free agents, but rather the philosophy is to spend the cap resources smartly, like you are playing with your own money rather then the houses.

Any good investor will tell you it is about getting the biggest bang for your buck. So, when you consider the Bucs were ranked 14th when it comes to “bang for thier buck” (how much each club spent per win the past five seasons) it points to the fact the team was much better at indentifing players while getting the biggest return on their investment.

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