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Bucs Dominik Spinning Interrogation Tatics?

A day after the Tampa Bay Buccaneers began taking a public relations hit, for their line of questioning prior to the Senior Bowl of S Myron Rolle. General Manager, Mark Dominik answered critics who were outraged at the suggestion the team had the gull to even brooch the subject of Rolle being a deserter, after Rolle left FSU following his junior year to accept the  Rhodes scholarship and attend Oxford University in England, to further his eduction.

According to Bucs General Manager Mark Dominik, who was in on the interview along with Bucs coach Raheem Morris, the question that was actually asked of Rolle was “Did you feel like you deserted your team’’ by going to Oxford.

Its hard to say for sure, how the actual question was worded or the context or tune of the person askling the question was. But for a player to feel uneasy over it and vividly remember. Its a safe bet the Rolle took it to mean he abandon his team.

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