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Bucs’ Freeman Having Trouble With Blitz Recognition

Freeman still needs work

Freeman still needs work

Based on several members of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers coaching staff and front office types speaking with members of the media this week, there has been plenty of scuttlebutt that would indicated, that while Josh Freeman is getting more reps in practice. He’s still not comfortable with recognizing blitzes. Now take into account the reports that have surfaced, in which Freeman has not been in the film room studying and one needs not wonder why he can’t comfortably recognize different blitz packages.

From all accounts it’s the main reason why, even in a lopsided loss last week to the Eagles he was not inserted into the lineup. It had to do with his inability to call the protection schemes and properly diagnose what the Eagles were doing on defense.

Add to it, the fact Freeman came out yesterday and tried to squash reports of his lack of study habits by telling Roy Cummings, of the Tampa Tribune that he’s been doing a lot of film study and one gets the sense that maybe, what has been leaked about his weight gain and lack of preparation through the early stages of the season are indeed spot on.

If that’s the case, then the lack of a separate quarterbacks coach and offensive coordinator is what’s needed, with Greg Olson trying to pull double duty in installing both an offense and game planning every week. Theirs no one there to ensure Freeman is giving it his all and going over the minute details from week to week to ensure his is mentally pushing himself week in and week out.

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