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Bucs Garner 31st Ranking From Michael Lombardi

Newly anointed, NFL.com writer, Michael Lombardi, who is the founder of The National Football Post. Penned his first article for the league’s website. Entitled “NFC road might once again run through New Orleans.” In the article, Lombardi breaks down all thirty-two NFL teams. Ranking them via a five tier chip system, with the highest chip being “blue” and the lowest being “brown.” While nothing new or earth shattering is revealed, Lombardi like so many other media scribes believes the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are an inexperienced team, that have started to collect talent. But persist the 2010 season, is about growing up and looks for them too possibly challenge for a playoff spot in 2011.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: The bad news for the Bucs is they only won three games last year. The good news is they won two of the last three games. Is that a signal that they are improving? Is this the momentum needed to launch a successful campaign in 2010? I am not buying it. The Bucs are a young team on and off the field. Young quarterback, young wide receivers, young defensive lineman, young head coach, and young general manager, which means they make mistakes. And last year they made them all over, from players signed, to play-calling, to game management, to turning the ball over. They are, however, starting to collect talent, which leads you to believe on paper they could be a team capable of breaking out and doubling their win total. However, winning in the NFL with youth is a challenge and the Bucs will use the 2010 season to grow up (all over) and possibly be ready to challenge in 2011.

It is hard to argue, with Lombardi on his overview of the Bucs. But I do not necessarily agree, with where he has the Bucs ranked. For starters, how does a team like the Panthers, who have nothing along their defensive line and are essentially in the same position at quarterback, as the Bucs and have already had injuries, to two key starters. In receiver Steve Smith and OLB Thomas Davis. Garner a “green chip” ranking? Further more, both starting offensive tackles for the Panthers are coming back from injury and they have just as many questions as the Bucs do, when it comes to the pass rush. Seems there might be a little biased reporting going on from Lombardi.

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