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Bucs’ Management Divided

by Staff Report on October 19, 2009

Dominik others in front office divided

Dominik others in front office divided

Amidst reports, that Bucs general manager Mark Dominik has begun to distance himself a bit from Raheem Morris, in the hopes of persevering his own job. Now there’s a report from Michael Lombardi, of the National Football Post that there’s a division amongst the rank and file, that would be the teams brain trust.

3. I’m hearing from my NFL sources that the Bucs’ front office is a house divided, which usually happens when a team takes the committee approach. Mark Dominik, the current general manager, and Doug Williams, the pro personnel director, don’t always agree on things, and there seems to be some dysfunction going on inside the organization.

Is it a total chaotic dysfunction, or a healthy mutual disagreeing amongst inner office powers? At any rate if it’s truly a power struggle ensuing over final decisions, it would explain the reason for the waffling over the mess that ensued in regards to the quarterback position this summer and why it continues. Is it a bad thing that all parties involved are not in total agreement on every decision, no, but it further illustrates the amateur approach and some of the mind boggling decisions to date. But the more important reason, it’s being labeled as dysfunction, is due in large part becuase the team is winless this year.

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ABuccsFan October 28, 2009 at 11:28 pm

Maybe we do need Bill Parcells to come in and right the ship as eluded to in a previous article.

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