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Bucs offense a potential juggernaut

Bucky Brooks, of NFL.com scribes that Tampa Bay Buccaneer fans might want to get accustomed to watching a prolific offense under the guidance of new offensive coordinator Jeff Jagodzinski. Typically you don’t hear

Jags could have Bucs offense firing on all cylinders

Jags could have Bucs offense firing on all cylinders

juggernaut used as an adjective to describe anything related to the Bucs offense. But, Brooks is optimistic that with the weapons that Jagodzinski has at his disposal fans in Tampa could finally be witnessing the birth of a new era.

Brooks goes on to commend Jags for his brilliant command of X’s & O’s, which he says, based on the potential of the offense, Jags knowledge & the players that new general manger Mark Dominik has assembled, it should fuel enthusiasm this season for faithful fans of an organzation that are use to seeing defensive preformances and a methodical approach to offense.

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