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Bucs Olson Flirted With USC

The lure of big time college football and job security wasn’t enough to woo, Tampa Bay Buccaneers offensive coordinator Greg Olson to USC. Olson recently talked to Lane Kiffin and his father, Monte, about the vacant offensive coordinator post at USC, reports Tom Deinhart of Rivals.com. The turn off, was that Olson wouldn’t necessarily be calling the plays and would be the offensive coordinator, in job title only.

It’s unclear if general manager Mark Dominik and the Bucs prevented Olson from leaving the organization for USC, as he signed a contract extension with the Bucs last year shortly after he was promoted to offensive coordinator, or Lane Kiffin and USC opted against hiring him.  There’s also a good possibility that Olson declined the advances of USC and Lane Kiffin. Since Lane Kiffin is expected to call offensive plays even after he hires an offensive coordinator.

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  • The White Tiger February 5, 2010, 1:58 am

    Can you believe this guy? I think he should have been “unhired” anyway…but his own coach sticks his neck out for him and how does he repay that loyalty?

    He runs for the next best job, “…cuz, ya know, this whole Rah thing ain’t lookin’ real promisin’ after this year…and USC is calling NOW.

    Olson, he’s gaming the game. He’s got his dream job…except he’s always wanted to try his stuff on the big stage…er wait…that’s not right…

    Not only that, but the only reason he turned it down – was because he was about to get the” Jagodzinski promotion”.

    That’s the BEST Rah has?

    He should have stuck with Jagz – then again – that whole “support thingy” for coaches with ACTUAL head coaching experience tend to make Rah feel all fluttery inside…

    Olson may need to watch over his shoulder now – sometime next season he may become Morris’ next shock absorber…ask Jim and Jeff how that feels…

    Olson, what a joke.

  • Roland Johnson February 5, 2010, 2:17 am

    It will be interesting to see what direction Olson goes with an offseason to work on installing his offense. Seeing as he worked under Scott Lienhan with the Rams and Gruden here with the Bucs it might resemble some bastardized scheme with no true concepts of his own.

    But I tend to agree, that after such a disrespect and questions being brought up about his loyalty to Morris he certainly could be the next fall guy.

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