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Bucs preparing for uncapped season & subsequent work stoppage

While some have questioned the methods this season of the new regime and the Glazer for there lack of free spending, one has to wonder just how much of this comes on the heels that teams are preparing for an uncapped season in 2010 and a subsequent work stoppage in 2011.

Here is a good article on what several Owners & GM’s are saying about the potential of unfolding events on the horizon when it comes to an uncapped season and a work stoppage.

Tough Times Ahead For NFL

Major Uncapped season rules
– Players need six years accredited service before becoming an unrestricted free agent
– Teams will have the use of two tags (Franchise Tag & Transition Tag) in a given season
– 30% rule meaning a players cap number can not exceed 30% from previous season.
– Final eight plan final eight teams in the playoffs have restrictions placed on signing free agents based on who they lose or the dollar amount in which they can resign a player
– Signing bonus monies can only be spread over a five year length rather the the entire length of a contract

The rules are in place to keep the Jerry Jones & Daniel Snyder’s of the world from growing a monopoly on talent, thus effectively shrinking the amount of talented free agents that will actually hit the free market and still giving small market teams competitive balance.

But the only problem is there will be no mandatory salary cap floor in which owners will have to spend, bringing us back to the days of Hugh Culverhouse, were he cared more about lining his own pockets rather then putting fans in the stands. With the new network deals in place the owners who choose to spend less on talent will still be making more money then if there was a cap in place.

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