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Bucs QB Coach talks shop

Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback coach Greg Olson spoke with the

Plan is to let Freeman sit

Plan is to let Freeman sit

media in-regards to the plan the team has outlined for the development of rookie quarterback Josh Freeman, the battle waging between Byron ” Slugo” Leftwich & Luke McCown. He also indicated that former 5th round pick Josh Johnson was disappointed in the team decision to draft Freeman and sign veteran signal caller Byron Leftwich.

Olson gave a lucid indication that because the team has no clear cut starter, the development of Freeman is progressing slower then it typically would had, if the team already had a number one in place before the drafting of Freeman.

The plan is for Freeman to be coddled and brought along slowly while he adjusts to life in the NFL. When & if Freeman enters the lineup is currently a fluid situation, but one can only speculate that it will come in the form of mop up duty or in the event that everyone else suffers devastating injuries. Olson said because of the solid play in spots, Freeman he has put himself into consideration to see the field at some point in 2009.

Whether, or not the development of McCown has been stunted as Olson suggest with the teams decision to jettison the wordy word smith west coast dink & dunk version it ran for the last seven seasons, for a more player friendly less verbiage vertical hybrid version of the scheme ultimately wont be known until it matters. But for Olson to utter stunted & development in the same sentence associating McCown’s name to it, he in effect clouds the judgment of not only fans but the mainstream media by floating doubt. After reports last season suggested Olson favored Griese and was part of the Atlanta debacle it sheds more light on to what he thinks of McCown as a starting quarterback in the NFL. It could also be partly due to him being upset that the team would not allow him out of his contract to take a job with the Chiefs.

Byron Leftwich has earned the nick name “Slugo” due in part because of his slow-delivery and bad athleticism.

While the writing is on the wall for Josh Johnson, he does not posses a slow delivery and is quite athletic, which should bode well considering the team will be using a lot of roll outs, QB waggles and naked boots this coming season. Many feel it is a for gone conclusion that Johnson is the odd man out, but Johnson skill set is far more comparable to that of McCown’s and Freeman’s which should translate well for him in his battle to earn a roster spot.

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