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Bucs QB race tighter then some might invision

The battle being waged this off-season in OTA’s & mini camp for the Tampa

QB Byron Leftwich peers downfield, looking for an open target

QB Byron Leftwich peers downfield, looking for an open target

Bay Buccaneers starting quarterback position between Luke McCown & Byron Leftwich is hotter then a fire cracker on fourth of July.

“We’re charting it. We’re looking at it, and it’s tight. It’s exactly what we said we wanted,” Morris said. “We wanted competition, and we’ve got it. If they’re going to (create) tough decisions for us, that’s great. I don’t want anybody to give it to them. I don’t want anybody to win by default. Source: St.Pete Times.com

With competition the cream usually raises to the top, but some in the media have previously stated that it is McCown’s job to lose, it sure seems that in the early stages both Leftwich & McCown are on equal footing with both showing glimpses of what they have to offer as the starter.

This fanatic has a feeling that it is truly a toss up at this point to speculate as to who is going to come out on top, but with reports of Leftwich being much lighter on his feet after shedding weight this off-season. His experince as a starter might prove to be too much for McCown to over come once the evaluation process heats up at training camp & in the pre-season.

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