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Bucs receiver Clayton talks with InternBoy

InternBoy(Tony Lopez), of ESPN 1040 am Tampa was out at One Buc Place this past week to get sounds bites and had the chance to be able to interview receiver Michael Clayton.

Here are some excerpts from the interview.When asked if the firing of Jon Gruden had anything to do with him resigning with the Bucs Clayton was a little bit more reserved in his answer.

“Yeah it had a little bit to do with it,” said Clayton “You know it was just a situation where I didn’t feel comfortable after the things I was told year after year, after year and the situations I was being faced with, it wasn’t all truth.”

“So going back getting an opportunity to have a second part of my career, I wasn’t really gonna risk it, you know I wanted to be with a team who really understood me as a player and wanted to utilize my talents and there was a lot of teams out there that wanted me and would have made me feel, a better feeling.”

When asked about the new offense under Jeff Jagodzinski and the differences between Grudens’ offense it was no surprise to learn what many have already suspected about the one receiver offense over the past seven season under Gruden.

“Definitely, Jags gives you the opportunity to do everything,” said Clayton “Catch a lot of hitches a lot of slants which is my forte, we also catch, digs, ins and go routes. You basically get a wide spread of everything.”

“Where in Gruden’s offense it could be geared to an X receiver or a Z receiver like my rookie year but in Gruden’s offense I think that it was more so you put that guy in the position whose gonna catch all the balls, it was one guy on the team that was gonna catch them all.”

To read the entire transcript, InternBoy has transcribed click link.

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