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Bucs see early returns with new defensive scheme

by Jim Johnson on September 7, 2009

Just how effective will the Tampa Bay Buccaneers defense be in 2009,

Bates over-seeing a defensive make over

Bates over-seeing a defensive make over

you ask? Well if pre-season is an early indicator, fans need not fret over the new scheme under defensive coordinator Jim Bates.

The team is giving up 3.30 yards per carry,as a whole, but based on the numbers the right side consisting of Gaines Adams, Greg White & Louis Holmes gave up an average of 3.31 yards per carry, the revamped interior of Chris Hovan, Ryan Sims, Roy Miller & Dre Moore gave up an average of 3.09 yards per attempt. The left side of Jimmy Wilkerson & Kyle Moore gave up 4.7 yards per carry, but its a bit misleading on the left side of the defense as Adam Hayward allowed Javon Ringer to slip out of what should have been a four yards loss, which turned into a 36 yard TD run, could have allowed the left side of the defensive line to rank supreme with a 2.88 yard per carry average against.

The rush has improved it’s pressure percentage from getting a pressure once every 2.41 drop backs in 2008, to one every 1.84 drop backs in the 2009 pre-season.

They have also tightened up their pass defense registering a combined interception or pass defensed once every 3.93 attempts.

Then you have an under rated stat in tackles for loss, with the team logging a total of 20 tackles for loss out of 98 carries or one every 4.9 carries, or 20% of the time a team decides to run the football.

Clearly, the stats suggest that the defense again maybe asked to carry a team trying to field a respectable offense. Should the team continue to grasp the new scheme, it’s not un-foreseeable to see the defense rank in the top ten 2009.

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