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Bucs To Play In Thanksgiving Game?

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have been shut out of prime time games recently, but that could all change in 2010. With a report surfacing over the weekend on Big Blue Interactive, a New York Giants website. The Bucs might not make an appearance in a Monday Night or Sunday Night game in 2010. However, the rumor speculates that the Bucs could very well be playing on Thanksgiving Day.

According to the speculation, which comes from a third party source, who supposedly works with an independent company hired by the NFL, to help with the scheduling of games. The NFL Network’s Night game on Thanksgiving day is supposed to be a showdown between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Carolina Panthers, two NFC South rivals. .

There’s no word on what team will host the game, or how credible the source is, if indeed its true, it’s very interesting that the NFL would allow anyone with such intimate knowledge of the schedule, to leak such details, months before the NFL can get the hype machine going full throttle.

Its safe to say, if the speculation comes to fruition, then this associate with ties to this independent company, just cost said company millions of dollars and will be looking for work real soon.

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