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Bucs Value Decreasing, Hovan Sign With Rams, Williams A Marshall Type

A quick check in on the news that’s circulating around the web this morning and there’s some interesting tidbits of information being floated around from both local and national media outlets pertaining to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Mike Sando, of Espn.com sighting an unnamed source by way of Adm Schefter is reporting former Bucs defensive tackle Chris Hovan, whom the team released shortly after the draft has agreed to join the St. Louis Rams.

Michael Ozanian a National Editor for Forbes is reporting the value of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers is sinking. Ozanian who states that the team was valued at $1.1 billion in 2009, will have a value of far less then the current $1.1 billion estimate when Forbes releases its new rankings in September. According to the report an NFL Executive stated that for the first time in several years the Buccaneers fell out of the top 10 in the league in revenue in 2009.

Offensive coordinator Greg Olson envisions former Syracuse receiver and fourth-round pick Mike Williams as one day potentially being a Brandon Marshall type.

“We look at him as one day being a Brandon Marshall type, potentially with that kind of impact,” Bucs offensive coordinator Greg Olson said. He noted the instant chemistry between Williams, fellow rookie Arrelious Benn and Freeman, admitted the potential, but tempered Instant Feel Good.

“We can’t just totally rely on young players; any time you have a second-year quarterback and possibly two rookie receivers, that’s not necessarily a recipe for success.”

The fact Olson acknowledges that depending too much on the rookies and a second year quarterback, who’s only started nine games is a recipe for failure leaves one to wonder if indeed a player such as iconic blocking icon Michael Clayton is safe for another season?

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