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Bucs win off-season award

So, you say the Buccaneers haven’t won anything ina  long time, since there four game losing skid left them out of the playoffs. Well Vinnie Iyer, of SportingNews.com, just single handedly gave them an award for worst use of the franchise tag this off-season. According to Iyer, Antonio Bryant is over paid at close to 10 million this season and suggest that the team would have been better off going after TJ Houshmandzadeh who will be making 2 million less then Bryant or even after the malcontent known as T.O who is a steal at 6.5 million after being released by the Cowboys. While having hindsight is nice those two options were not available to the Bucs when they decided to franchise Bryant.

Not to mention Bryant is by far younger and has less wear & tear on his body then the above mentioned players. It also means the Bucs currently aren’t married to him the way the Seahawks are married to TJ, and there is nothing worse for a young team the a cancer in the looker room like TO.

In the end the team did the right thing by renting Bryant for one more season to see just how committed to football he really is before giving hima bonus and being tied to him beyond 2009.

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