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Clayton Buys Himself Ticket Out Of Town

Clayton drops ball then brags about check being in the bank

Clayton drops ball then brags about check being in the bank

Michael Clayton, signed a five-year, $26 million contract, but has failed to deliver as advertised, many gave Clayton the benefit of the doubt this off-season, with his recent play on the field and his comments being derogatory in nature in a slumping economy, the crassness and abrasive nature in which the tone of his comments come across to the general public warrant a one way ticket out of town. It’s inexcusable to be dropping pass after pass and then have the gull to mock fans who ultimately are paying his bills and expect those same fans in this economy and with the current state of the franchise to be willing to pony up monies that could be spent elsewhere to have to listen to an immature player bragging about his check being in the bank for failing to live up to standards.

WR Michael Clayton, sitting at his locker slumped over, knew the question was coming. He dropped three passes, two that would have gone for first downs in critical situations. A fourth pass, a deep ball down the sideline on the game’s first possession, was one he admittedly could have made more effort to come up with. “There’s no excuse for dropping a ball,” he said. “We definitely can’t be putting a young quarterback in a situation like that. We have to come up with it. When you’re able to make some plays early, as a receiver, it gets easier for you. But we dropped some early. The one down the sideline, I have to find a way to come up with that ball. That’s a drop.” When asked his reaction to critical fans who point to the team’s decision to re-sign him to a five-year, $26 million contract, Clayton accepted there would be some. But he doesn’t agree with them.

“I ain’t worried about that,” he said. “People who say stuff, they’re not out there on the field. Nobody who writes (stuff) or says (stuff) can say anything about a player because they’re not on the field. It’s real serious out there. That’s why I don’t pay any attention to that stuff because the mentality is that you make up for it and you come back and catch the next one. I mean, regardless of what they say, the check is in the bank. That’s not changing. It’s about this team right now. Nothing can break that or make me feel bad or worry because somebody’s talking about me in the paper. We just have to keep our heads.” Source: St. Petersbugh Times

Arrogant, self centered, inflated self worth are all appropriate an accurate descriptions of a player with elite talent that produces, but the caliber of a player such as Clayton who lacks the necessary skills to adequately compete at a high level, should truly be embracing the fan base not alienating it to a point they are harboring such hatred and disdain, that they are willing to boycott games to voice their displeasure with managements decision to re-sign him this off-season.

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