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Clayton Voices Displeasure Over Officiating

Claytonslooking for an explanation of the so called interception

Clayton'slooking for an explanation of the so called interception

Tampa Bay Buccaneers receiver Michael Clayton was livid after and during the game over an apparent catch, that was ruled an interception by officials. Dolphins’ defensive end / outside linebacker Jason Taylor was credited with the pick in the first half of a heartbreaking loss to the Dolphins.

Clayton recounted the events that unfolded to Stephen Holder, of the St. Petersburg Tmes , but rest assured Roger Goodell and the league office is sure to review Clayton’s comments – to decide whether a fine is warranted or not.

“I hope they got it right,” he said. “I hope they saw something that we didn’t see, because for me, from what I saw, it was pitiful. There’s no reason for that in any league. That’s just a routine catch. I hope they got it right. I would hate for a game to come down to that. For a game to be taken away on a call like that, that hurts.”

He later added, “I know it was a catch. One hundred percent. I do hope that I’m wrong. That hurts to see that happen, to see something taken from you. I just hope that they got it right. They didn’t give us an explanation for it. That’s the sad part about it. You can’t even give an explanation. I think every (official) on that field deserves to give a head coach an explanation for what just happened, especially under those circumstances. In return, we get a penalty? I think that that’s sad. I don’t think it’s called for.”

Based on what Holder was able to get from Clayton, its not damming in nature and doesn’t ring of a player exploding and just lambasting the officiating crew, but depending on what Clayton said to officials’ during the game, he could be walking  around a few dollars lighter throughout the week.

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