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Coach Quotes Wednesday: Raheem Morris

Morris spoke to reporters about G Arron Sears mental conditioning

Morris spoke to reporters about G Arron Sears' mental conditioning

Head coach Raheem Morris addressed the media, after learning the league fined him $20,000.00 dollars earlier in the day. Morris spoke about G Arron Sears‘ weight, his mental conditioning…on his confidence level with Josh Freeman in the game…Freeman’s traits in crunch time…if the young defensive lineman took a step back against the Dolphins.

(On the return of Arron Sears)

“We’re all glad to see Sears back, all happy to see him back in the building. He’s doing some conditioning and we’re fired up to have him back here. We’ll see how it goes.”

(On if the young defensive linemen took a step back against Miami)
“No, I wouldn’t say it’s a step back. This is a max-pro team, it was a different type of team than the Green Bay Packers. They’re not five-out where you can get at those guys more in one-on-one protection. These guys have more max-pro protections and things of that nature. I wouldn’t say it’s a step back. You’d always like to get to the quarterback. I don’t know if you’re going to get six sacks every week but you’d like to get there a couple times. We still should get there a couple times, still have to make some progress. We’ve all got to get better. There’s no doubt about that. We’ll get the guys out there with another opportunity this week. Here’s another opportunity to go get the 9-0 Saints.”

(On playing a 9-0 team)
“That’s always fun. That’s the easy part. That’s the part that makes everybody motivated, to play spoiler. Go in there and get a chance to beat this team. There’s no secret – I’m sure [Sean] Payton is telling those guys, ‘Hey, this team has beaten us three out of the last four times we’ve met.’ I’m sure he’s telling them that. I’m sure he’s getting those guys motivated in the same way. It’s a division game – that’s one. It’s guys that don’t like us and we don’t like them. There’s no secret there. It’s going to be a lot of fun to go play this game. It always is. It’s always high-scoring; it’s always at least high-yardage. And there’s always a bunch of turnovers, or not, and that’s always the determining factor in who wins the football game.”

(On the division games coming together at the end of the season)
“It’s perfectly planned for Number Five [Josh Freeman]. It’s a chance for him to get five opportunities against division foes that he’s going to face for the next 10 to 15 years, or whatever it is. Hopefully he can be Brett [Favre] and do it a little bit longer. It’s an opportunity for him to get out there and face those guys, along with all the young guys. We’ve got a bunch of young guys that are developing every day and getting better.”

(On the confidence level with Josh Freeman in the game)
“I think it’s a little bit of everybody. I don’t know if it’s just Josh. I don’t want to put all of the burden on a young man. You see the field goal kicker make three long 50-yard field goals, that’s a little bit of a lift as well. When you see Josh come in there and lead two comebacks like he did, that’s a lift. When you see the defense starting to get better, getting five three and outs and three four and outs and get two turnovers. They are starting to get a little better. Not where you want it. Not where you want it obviously, we lost the game. That’s not what we want as a coaching staff. I got a 15-yard penalty; we have to get better there. All of that will come in time. You do feel the team getting stronger down the stretch. How are you going to get the team back up? They never fail, we just fell short. Now we have to keep going.”

(On Josh Freeman in the fourth quarter)
“He’s doing a great job. Obviously he is getting better and better every week. Every time he has an opportunity to go out there he makes some mistakes. He is going to make some mistakes, that’s a part of the patience that I talked about earlier. I said I wanted to be patient with this young man. He has to go out there and play and has to play well. Nobody cares if he’s a rookie. Nobody cares if he’s from Kansas State. Nobody cares that he left as a junior. His only job is to go out there and get better and better every week. He’s putting in the preparation time, he is putting in the things that need to get done. He’s putting in the practice time. He is putting in all the extra. He’s been doing the whole process and it is starting to show out there on the field. He just has to keep growing and growing and get better. He doesn’t need to get bigger. He just needs to keep growing.”

(On how the Saints offense is different this year)
“Sean [Payton] hasn’t changed. Mr. Payton, he’s going to do what he does best. He has Pierre Thomas running the ball and has found some creative ways to run the ball. It is a copy cat league and Sean is one of the best at stealing plays and people steal plays from him as well. I’ve seen him go out there and do a bunch of different things. He has a bunch of different ways to get to the plays he likes. He has a lot of window dressings to make you think it’s a bunch of different things and stuff. It’s the same stuff for his guys but it just looks different for you on defense and how you have to play it and prepare it. You have to get your guys prepared. He is one of the best out there. There is no secret about that. He has been since he’s been in this league. He is one of the most respected coaches that I’ve ever been associated with. I’m sure he’ll smile at me at the 50-yard line and try to gut me during the game. It will be great, I can’t wait to see him.”

(On the mental conditioning of Arron Sears)
“Right now we are just starting at step one. He has been out of football for a while; he’s been away from the building. He didn’t have the offseason stuff that you didn’t necessarily need. He hasn’t had the training camp stuff, he hasn’t had the conditioning. That’s where we are starting. We are going to go right there first and then obviously check in with the football stuff once you get an opportunity to do that. Right now we are just going to condition him a little bit. He was out of shape a little bit, we expected that. Now he is getting better. He is in there with Kurtis Shultz, working out every day. He is getting ready to go. It would be wishful thinking for him to catch up to these guys and where they are right now but you never know. You never know. It all depends on the man’s drive.”

(On Sears’ weight)
“He gained weight. He’s trying to get back in shape, so he’s definitely gained weight. It’s not a dropped weight thing. It was a gained weight thing and now he’s working out trying to get his conditioning back so he can go out there and practice ready, game ready, whatever ready you have to get ready to be able to come out there and practice with your football team and potentially play with this football team. We’re just really happy to have him back, that’s the first thing. I know he gained some significant weight that he has to go work out to get that off. I don’t know what he weighed last year.”

(On what excited him about seeing Sears’ back in the building)
“Obviously, it was a private matter. I was concerned. He left. He’s back and I’m just happy to have him here. That’s where it is. I’m really excited that he’s back in the building. I’m really excited he’s back around, bouncing around the people who love him and that’s who we are.”

(On if he is convinced Sears’ has made progress)
“I’m sure he’s made progress. That’s why he’s back and able to be back around and able to get back into condition. The fact that I’m happy he’s back, the fact the he’s happy to be back, the fact he’s lighted up, he’s excited. He’s excited to be in the training room He’s excited to be around his teammates. He just walks around the building right now talking to his guys.”

(On what traits Freeman has that helps him during crunch time)
“I don’t know really. That’s a weird question because they’re all different. Brett [Favre] was high motored, energy, high fives, slaps, talking smack to Warren Sapp and now talking smack to whomever he’s playing against now. He’s a different type of guy. That’s how Brett is. Josh [Freeman] is more of a laid back guy. He’s cool, calm demeanor, very rarely raises his voice, very rarely gets upset, kind of tells everyone what to do, know exactly what to do, really smart. Maybe he’s like a Troy Aikman or somebody like that, I don’t know. I just wasn’t around those types of quarterbacks. He’s more of an even keeled guy, so I don’t know which one works more. The only things you can base him on and judge him on are obviously their stats, what happened in the fourth quarter. He’s been up there with those elite type of names right now and it’s only two games. We have to see, let him keep growing, let’s be patient and see what he can be. But if he continues down this road, then maybe he turns those fourth quarters into three more in front of that and who knows what you got. We’ll all be excited and we’ll all be ready to jump on board, get on the ship with Josh.”

Courtesy of the Buccaneers Public Relations Department

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