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Coach Quotes Wednesday: Raheem Morris

Morris talked about reestablishing a defensive idenitity

Morris talked about reestablishing a defensive idenitity

Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach, Raheem Morris addressed members of the local media after practice today and discussed several topics. Morris talked about the Jets different blitz packages…the improvement of the run defense…receiver Sammie Stroughter‘s role now that Clifton Smith was placed on I.R….on the team reestablishing a defensive identity and if there was a theme to Josh Freeman‘s five interceptions last week..

(On if the Jets starting Kellen Clemens changes the Bucs’ preparations)

“They’re going to probably play the same game. Remember those guys competed and had a tough battle up there in New York for the starting job. I’m sure it won’t change their game plan much. Their game plan is to run the football and they do that well. I’m sure that’s what they’ll do. We’ll go up there and we’ll prepare just like we have been. We’ll get ready for everything, but you know they’re going to run the football. They were going to run the football no matter who played. That’s what they do; that’s what they do the best job of.”

(On if the Jets have unique blitz packages)
“Any time you’re facing a Ryan-like defense, you’re going to get something unique. They’ve been doing it for years, from their dad to both brothers being defensive coordinators, being very successful defensive coordinators in this league. As a team, they do that. Everything that they bring and everything that they do has robber packages, it has people coming from everywhere. You’ve got to be able to protect, you’ve got to be able to stand up, you’ve got to win your one-on-one battles. The unique stuff is their style and their aggressive play, their attitude and their demeanor and their physical-ness and their violence. That’s what they coach, that’s what they preach and that’s what they get.”

(On Sammie Stroughter’s role with Clifton Smith out)
“Sammie obviously will take over the full-time role as the returner for us. He’ll do a lot of those things for us. He’s big-time for us on third down as far as the Zebra package and when we put three wide receivers out there those guys are going. Sammie has been invaluable this year, period. He’s been out there doing a great job for us in every role he’s had, every role he’s accepted and we’re just proud to have him. We’re happy to have that luxury.”

(On improvement in the rushing defense)
“You’ve just got to give the guys a lot of credit. They’ve gone out there and they’ve really bowed up. I know Carolina came out and Jonathan Stewart still rushed for 120 yards, but he really had 80 in those first two drives. [Buccaneer defenders] kind of got settled in and they bowed up and they started to play well. That’s just a credit to the guys. They’re playing better, they’re doing better, they’re fighting and they want to win. It’s just a credit to the guys.”

(On if it has anything to do with his taking over the defensive coordinator duties)
“I don’t want to give myself any credit for what those guys have done. I didn’t make any tackles. I don’t go out there, I don’t form-fit anybody. I just give a call, they go out there and execute it and you’ve got to give those guys credit.”

(On if he’s thinking about continuing to call defensive plays next year)
“I don’t know. I kind of like the joystick right now. I’ve got the joystick in my hand, I’m playing and I’m liking what I’ve got. We’ll have to see. You’ll get to the offseason and you’ll evaluate everything. I’ll be evaluated just like everybody else around here and we’ll figure it out when we get to that point.”

(On if Freeman’s five interceptions will have a carryover this week)
“I don’t know if it’s going to have a negative effect on Josh in any way. I think Josh is one of those guys that’s mentally tough enough to figure out what went wrong and not make the same mistakes. He made some mistakes in the preseason we saw that kind of went away. And he came back and made new mistakes the other day. Now hopefully those will go away as well. He continues to get better and better every week. It was his most prolific day as a passer and it just happened to be his worst day as a passer as well. We’ve got to go out and find ways to make those days that he had, finish those drives off and get him to go out there and be his very best self. And he’s getting there, he’s working on it. And the guys around him believe in him. All his coaches are fired up about him. If you want to feel better about yourself go watch the 20 completions or whatever you want to watch and figure out how you got the ball down there in the first place. He’ll get better and we’ve got all the confidence in the world in him.”

(On reestablishing a defensive identity)
“What they have done in the past couple of weeks is go out and play fast, play together and play hard. They have to continue to grow on that. The identity that’s around them has been here for years. Play fast, play hard and play together. It’s never left this place. These guys reestablishing themselves on the football field is what’s important. It hasn’t anywhere in the building or in practice. We kind of lost a little bit of our edge and we have to get that back. That’s what they are referring to. That’s my message I give to those guys when I’m in the room as the defensive coordinator talking to those guys. That’s where we have to go. The other day was a great example of it. That was a game where we could have came out and walked away and had another 300 yard rushing day versus the Carolina Panthers, but they didn’t. They didn’t allow it to happen. They went out there and tackled. They played better and got better as the game went on. They went out there and had some major stops, some critical stops and that’s the only thing you can ask for. The progress of your team, daily, constantly, everyday.”

(On if there was a theme to Freeman’s interceptions)
“One thing at the end that sticks in my mind is Beason. Beason made a heck of play when he popped out. That was a great play by him and that was us trying to do too much on offense. The other one was Cover-2 and was just a strike trying to throw through Beason. The common theme for me happened to be Beason at the time. The other two happened to be a force here and force there and just mistakes made by the young quarterback. Those are the things that you have to learn from. Those are the things that you have to grow from and he will.”

(On if he is hurrying decisions)
“I don’t know if it was hurried decisions. I’m sure you notice, he stands in there now. He’s not rushing it out of his hands at all. He is in no hurry to do anything.”

(On his first interception with a pass attempt to Sammie Stroughter)
“I thought his hand might have gotten hit. I can’t tell. You are going to have to ask him but he might have got hit and it just floated on him. That was just a bad throw. His hand got hit or he rushed his process with his footwork. Whatever the case may be it was a wild pitch. The other ones he has to make better decisions.”

(On urgency)
“They are all urgent. These last four are urgent for us. They are about our progress time. It’s what you have to do, what you build for and what you have to do in the season. We are not making any dramatic playoff run here with going 4-0, but at the same time we are building upon what we are going to do going into the offseason, your program during OTA days, training camp and what you do in the preseason. It will start all over for you in September. Right now, you are building for that and are getting ready for that. The players around here know that. Everyone here wants to be here. We all want to be here, they want to be here. We can build and progress as far as that goes.”

(On the theory of losing for the draft)
“We trying to win some games around here. I hear you with, ‘lose by winning and get a better player’ and stuff. But man, the draft is a lottery. You don’t always win. We have to go out there and win with the guys we have and progress with the guys we have now. When the draft comes up I’m sure I will talk to you at some point.”

Courtesy of the Buccaneers Public Relations Department.

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