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Comments By Earnest Graham Catalyst For League Requesting HGH Testing

With news spreading throughout poorly light back allies and smoke filled pool halls that the hopelessness fans are experiencing since the decertification of the NFLPA and the lack of talks between the NFL. Could continue down a slippery slop. As word trickling out from the inner circle, is the league has setup a new stumbling block for players to hurdle. With an already tumultuous labor impasse, the league sees HGH testing as a necessary part of any new collective bargaining agreement.

Part of the brief submitted by the league. That was obtained by FoxSports contained a quote that got the whole ball of wax rolling. Citing current Tampa Bay Buccaneer, fullback Earnest Graham speaking with WQYK-AM, in 2009, a local Tampa radio station when he suggested that the use of HGH was widespread “Any sport [where] guys come across injuries and need to get back fast and come back stronger than they were before, I wouldn’t be shocked.”

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