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Crowell’s ” Runners Knee”

Updating a previous report, the deal between newly signed OLB Angelo Crowell & the Buccaneers is a one year deal worth $3.5 million. The question is not whether Crowell is worth the $3.5 million, but if he will actually be suiting up and productive in 2009 in red & pewter.

According to an article published on Buffalonews.com, written by Allen Wilson on Dec. 30, 2008 in which Crowell defends his decision to have at the time what many believed was going to be what is generally described as minor arthroscopic surgery, turned out to be a more extensive procedure after being advised by renowned Alabama orthopedist Dr. James Andrews that he had a condition called “chondromalacia” (or runner’s knee) which is an irritation on the bottom surface of the knee cap along with inflammation of cartilage steaming from the knee cap rubbing against the side of the knee joint causes pain.

Opting for the more extensive surgery Crowell said “that’s going to give me more longevity in the league instead of a quick fix.”

At the time Crowell said he was ahead of schedule, one can only think the reason he was on the open market for so long is two fold. First is whether or not his surgically repaired knee is 100% and if not, when will he be close to returning to his 2007 form.

The other is what was his initial asking price during visits with teams. Either way if he can return to his 2007 form. His one year cap number is well worth it. If he cant regain his form then it will be revealed during OTA’s & training camp. Which wont hurt the team as far as a cap standpoint is concerned, but might hurt the depth in the long run if they forgo drafting a linebacker in the draft.

Bottom line is only time well tell how well this move will ultimately turn out to be for both Crowell and the Buccaneers.

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